Collection: Raw Emerald Stones | Facet Rough Real Emerald Stone

Natural Emeralds takes price to offer natural facet grade raw emerald stones, for gemstone cutters and lapidary artists. Our collection of emerald stones is carefully and ethically sourced to ensure the best quality along with the authenticity of the stone. We understand the importance of providing natural and real gemstone with option of diverse range to work with. This is reason that we are offering a variety of sizes, qualities and packages to suit different faceting or lapidary projects.

Whether one is professional gemstone cutter or a passionate lapidary artist or have commercial level cutting center for emerald stones, our raw emerald stone deals and packages are economic for all levels. More, one must prioritise price over authenticity and quality of the stone. For being close to the mining areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan, we have direct hands on emerald minings.

At Natural Emeralds, we are committed to delivering 100% natural and original stones  thus making us the go-to destination for all your emerald stone needs.

What are Facet Grade Raw Emeralds?

Natural Emeralds offers variety of Real Green Emeralds for faceting and lapidary artists.

Natural Emeralds offers wide variety of collection of natural green emerald stones in facet rough being sourced worldwide. Our selection includes emeralds mainly from the following locations:

- Swat, Pakistan: This is renowned for rich green emeralds having deep green hue. Swat, Pakistan is a prominent source of vivid green emerald rough.

- Panjshir, Afghanistan: The emeralds from Panjshir, Afghanistan are popular for their vivid green color, clarity and Sizes. They are highly desired by emerald gemstone dealers around the world due to their sizes and calrity mainly.

- Chitral, Pakistan: Chitral is a recent source of natural emeralds. They are coming in light colors but with nice clarity and sizes.

- Colombia: Colombian Colombian emeralds are popular in gemstone world due to their lush green color and exceptional transparency, making them some of the most valuable emeralds. However in comparison to Swat emeralds, they have less color than Swat.

- Zambia: Zambian emeralds are popular for their rich, saturated green color. They have large supply of raw emerald stones

- Brazil: Brazilian emeralds are regarded for their vivid green hues

At Natural Emeralds, we take pride in offering a wide variety of facet rough emeralds from these origins. Each origin of stone has with its unique characteristics and allure. Our collection is designed to provide gemstone cutters and lapidary artists with different options to work with us.

How One can choose Facet Grade Raw Emerald Stone?

Facet rough stones are those raw gemstones that are suitable for cutting, faceting and polishing to create beautiful cut loose gemstones. We offer variety of facet rough stones, each with its own unique characteristics and properties. Gemstone cutters can choose facet grade rough stones for cutting based on several factors:

Choosing facet grade rough stones for cutting having following points:

- Color: Gemstone cutters can look for rough stones by looking at color of the stone. Some people focus on color instead clarity. For them color have value. In emeralds, color exists due to impurities the emerald stone have. Mostly rich green color emeralds will have dense inclusions. This is the reason actually of trace elements which is giving them color.

- Clarity: Stones with few inclusions or imperfections are graded into different clarity level. The less will be inclusion, the more the stone will have valuable gemstone. However, another characteristics of clear stone is that they will have less color in emeralds. Colombian and Panjshir from Afghanistan are having the most clear but their color is less than Swat emeralds from Pakistan

- Size and shape: Gemstone Cutters also focus on the size and shape of the rough emeralds to determine the best way to maximize its potential yield in order to get the largest gemstone possible. However in emeralds, the largest stones will have slight imperfections even in the top grade.

- Crystal structure: Emeralds have hexagonal crystal structure. The cutters consider the crystal structure also as in that they can save maximum weight of the stone.

The process of Faceting rough stones involves faceting, cutting and shaping raw gemstones into polished faceted gems. This process have several gems cutting techniques in order to transform a raw gemstone into a valuable loose stone.

Here are some techniques being used in faceting rough stones which includes:-

1. Planning and marking:-

  • The first step in faceting a rough gemstone is to carefully analysing the stone
  • Sketch and Mark the rough stone with outlines the angles to be cut.

    2. Sawing and shaping:
  • Using cutting tools to shape the rough emerald into a basic form such as emerald shape, octagonal or so
  • Grinding the stone
  • shaping the stone to create the desired proportions.

    3. Faceting:
  • Use a faceting machine to cut the stone.
  • polish the facets of the emeralds
  • carefully align the stone on a rotating lap
  • Start cutting precise angles
  • Continue shaping the stone to increase its brilliance

    4. Polishing:
  • Using a series finer grits to polish the facets in order to get luster
  • Buffing
  • Focus on fine tuning by finishing the stone to bring out the shine.