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Natural Emeralds

Rough Emerald Deals from Swat

Rough Emerald Deals from Swat

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Grab any del from the this product comprises of 1000carats, 1500, 2000 or 2500 carats matching your need or budget. These stones have rich green color and crafted into beautiful beads, carving shapes or cabochons 

  • Origin: Swat Valley, Pakistan   
  • Total weight: 2500 carats
  • Dimension: under 1 to 10 carats plus size 
  • Shape: The parcel contains crystals with proper hexagonal shapes. However the parcel must have free form loose shapes also. 
  • Color: Rich Green Colour with some calcite inclusion 
  • Clarity: Opaque to semi transparent or translucent 
  • Treatment: Minor oil 
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