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Natural Emeralds

0.50 carats Rare Swat Loose Emerald Stone

0.50 carats Rare Swat Loose Emerald Stone

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Grab this beautiful deep vidid green Emerald loose stone from famous mine of Swat, Pakistan. This small swat emerald is beautiful rich green emerald that can be used for various purposes. The quality is excellent in terms of color, clarity and brilliance which is quite rare in Swat emerald stones. 

Key Features

  • Stone: Vivid Green Emerald
  • Shape: Square Emerald Cut 
  • Total Pieces: 1
  • Color: Rich Vivid Green 
  • Clarity: Eye Clean 
  • Treatment: No
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Certificate will be given 

Where I can use this Swat emerald loose stone?

There are many ways that it can be used however a few are suggested below:-

  • It can be used in a ring with diamond settings alongwith adjustment in gold or white gold settings
  • It can be set in a gemstone necklace or pendant as a centre piece surrounded by diamonds in gold or white gold 
  • It may also be used in a sophisticated bracelet as a centre piece along with diamonds on both sides. 

Swat has one of the best vivid green color variety in emerald stones. Their saturation and hue is always equal from top to bottom in colored green stones. This piece of real emerald stone has excellent brilliance, color and clarity. It is perfect for fitting in any piece of gemstone jewelry.

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