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Natural Emeralds

200 carats Natural Raw Emeralds for Faceting

200 carats Natural Raw Emeralds for Faceting

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This is a very nice parcel of raw Panjshir Emeralds for faceting and cabbing. The parcel includes loose shape emeralds and emerald crystals also. The rough emerald lot has nice clarity for faceting. Grab it now before it goes away.

  • Stones: Panjshir Raw Emerald Stones
  • Total Weight: 200 carats
  • Sizes: under 1 to 4 carats per piece
  • Clarity: si, vs, vvs, eye clean 
  • Color: Medium Green
  • Treatment: No
  • Origin: Afghanistan 
  • Shipping Free Worldwide

Where I can Use Raw Emerald Stones?

Raw emerald stones can be used in various side. It depends on quality, size, color and clarity. In case of above emerald parcel, one can utilize them in following ways:-

  •  It can be used by gemstone cutters in faceting
  • Lapidary Artists can use them in their lapidary art work such as cabbing, carving, tumbling
  • Raw Stone Gemstone Jewelry pieces such as emerald crystal earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets
  • Wirewrapping jewelry 
  • Can keep them as investment to resell them in future or in relevant profitable market 
  • Can keep them as healing stones
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