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Natural Emeralds

100 carats Natural Panjshir Rough Emeralds Gems for Faceting / Cabbing

100 carats Natural Panjshir Rough Emeralds Gems for Faceting / Cabbing

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A collection of 100 carats of exquisite natural Panjshir rough Emerald stones suitable for faceting or cabbing.


  • Total Weight: 100 carats
  • Sizes: Under 1 to 5 carats
  • Clarity: Transparent, with options including VS, Si, VVS, and Eye Clean
  • Treatment: No Heat, No Treatment
  • Color: Light Green
  • Origin: Afghanistan 

Description: This parcel comprises 100 carats of uncut emerald stones, ideal for faceters or lapidary artists looking to embark on a new project. The stones exhibit a natural water content that enhances their brilliance once cut.

Afghanistan's emerald stones are renowned for their exceptional brilliance and shine.


Panjshir emeralds originate from the picturesque Panjshir valley in Afghanistan. Noted for their exceptional color, clarity, and sizes, these emeralds boast a deep green hue and natural brilliance resulting from geological processes. When expertly faceted, these stones showcase a vibrant, lustrous appearance with remarkable transparency. The unique color and exceptional clarity of Panjshir emeralds make them highly sought after among gemstone collectors and jewelers.

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