The Perfect Looks for Emeralds

The Perfect Looks for Emeralds

Emeralds are considered the color of the year in 2013, with their lush, radiant, and lively color. 

It does enhance well-being, harmony and balance. It’s also good for spring, and for wedding anniversaries. 

It’s hard to find the right outfits and jewelry that’ll complement each of these, but here, we’ll find the right outfit for emeralds that really make them stand out. 

The outfit 

If you’re going to wear emeralds and want it simple, just go with neutral colors.  Black or white types of outfits, or something that’s muted really makes these pop, and provides a unique, bright look. 


Makeup as well can affect how the emerald looks. 

Go with something more neutral and smokey and try not to make it clash too much with the jewelry.  It helps if there’s a rich green to this on the emeralds, as this is best when it’s not drowned out by some of the different colors. 

Best Jewelry for the Job 

First, we’ve got to look at the necklace. 

Layers of a diamond tennis necklace and a brilliant emerald really show a nice touch to it. 

For the bracelet, you want to try a nice beautiful emerald bracelet.  Some of them, especially 18 carat ones, really offer a unique, beautiful color to them that’s perfect for all of the jobs that you have!

As for earrings, there are lotus earrings that are enchanting, and scintillating coloring for this collection, providing the best and most unique colors for the job. 

Rings can be large or small but make statements regardless. We have a white and cold diamond and emerald ring set at 18 carats that will really make this look popping for all of the occasions you have. 

There are so many to choose from, so you don’t have to go with these. However, they’re the best options if you’re someone looking for the ideal emeralds for the job, and something that you’ll want to have in place, no matter what. 

 Caring for These Emeralds 

Emeralds should be taken care of.  Ideally, you want to clean these up a few times a year. 

Some people may bring it to professionals to clean them. However, you can also put these in certain colors to be cleaned at home. 

Here, we’ll give you the instructions to do this at home: 

  • First get a micro fiber cloth that’s soft to get rid of the dirt and oil that’s accumulating 
  • Fill up bowls, putting mild soap in there and put the jewelry into this mixture of soap and water 
  • Get a toothbrush that’s soft, or even jewelry brushes to scrape off the jewelry, and then use the brush to get in deep, into those areas hard to reach 
  • Grab a second bowl and put some lukewarm water to rinse that in there. take the jewelry and then fully submerge these, checking to ensure that there isn’t any residue left on the emeralds. 
  • Once it’s been fully cleaned up, dry out these jewelry with a towel that’s micro fibered.  Once they are fully dry, you can wear these again 

As always, if you don’t know what you’re doing, please see a professional to take care of it.  Doing this will ensure that the emerald looks beautiful for years to come. 

As a word of caution, don’t use ultrasonic cleaners to clean up the emerald jewelry as this can tarnish and break them.  Also, make sure that you don’t use commercial cleaners on the emeralds, due to the abrasive nature that comes with those, and how it tarnishes emeralds. 

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