How do I Choose an Emerald Engagement Rings?

How do I Choose an Emerald Engagement Rings?

Emerald engagement rings are one of the popular selection of rings for wedding, engagements or anniversaries. Normally an emerald cut stone is surrounded by natural diamonds on gold metal either in gold or silver color. Emerald stone is one of the top three precious stones and is an expensive stone if one selects the quality emerald cut stone.

They’re beautiful and have great significance. But choosing the right one is also important, for you want to make it special and intriguing for your possible partner. 

Here, we’ll discuss how one can choose an emerald engagement ring, and the popularity of these rings. 

The Significance of Emerald Gemstones

Emeralds are green gems that are brilliant, ranging

from bright greens to blue ones. A variety of beryl, they were something that was used by many in ancient times. They first came into popularity in modern times during the 16th century. But we’ve found evidence dating back to 3 billion years old, and the first mines dating all the way back to 330 BC in Egypt. 

They are said to signify life and better health. It also signifies growth, and the symbolism can mean newfound excitement, and a breath of fresh air. 

Why Emeralds are Popular for engagement rings 

Emerald stones are one of the precious stones. They’re unique and different.

Not to mention, they’re also a royal stone. For instance, Queen Victoria had an emerald ring of a serpent, and it’s one of the most well-known emerald pieces that’s out there. 

Plus, they’re strong. Rating at around a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, it’s one that can be a great additive for you to have. 

What type of gemstone should be for engagement ring? 

This is very important that which type of stone, we should choose for making an engagement ring. It is always the loose emerald stone of any shape. The most popular faceted stone shapes are emerald cut, octagonal, cushion cut, princes cut. 

Factors to consider when choosing an Emerald engagement ring 

You should always consider the five Cs for choosing any sort of stone.   

There’s the color. A pure, intense sort of green with a blueish tone to it is something that one should start to look for. Clarity is also one to look for. You want one with as few of inclusions as possible. However, no inclusions usually means synthetic.

The cut is also important. With the cut, you want something that harnesses the inclusions, and also provides one with a unique look to them.

Finally the carat weight. The higher the carats, the heavier it will be, but you also don’t want to get so much that the ring comes out of your price range. 

You also may want to choose the right kinds of metal for the job.   Gold, platinum, and the like are also common types of metals, and in many cases are factors that are considered when choosing the types of rings for the job.   

Different types of Emerald rings 

There are different types of emerald rings. 

You’ve got the classic solitaire style with clean lines and dainty accents, which never go out of style. 

There’s also the halo, where shimmered accent surround the gemstone, and create almost an “angelic feel to make the gem sparkle. 

The three-stone style usually is one with the main stone being at the center, and then two smaller ones on the side, either cut baguette or kite-shaped. 

Finally we’ve got vintage styles with different accents and cuts, such as multigrain, hand-carved, or three stones, distinguishing a simplistic style to things. 

Care for these rings 

The best way to clean these is to not wear them when doing strenuous activities, or getting them dirty in any way. 

You should also make sure to clean these at least once a year with a solution that’s fitting for the metals, so it won’t corrode them.

For storage, always make sure they’re in dark, dry places to help keep the stone looking beautiful, and full of luster. 


Emerald rings are beautiful, and with so many different ones, you’ll definitely have a lot to choose from.

You should consider your budget, but also the stone type, color, and the clarity of this too. 

Look at your options before you buy these rings. 

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