Emeralds Vs. Tsavorite: Battle of the Green Gemstones

Emeralds Vs. Tsavorite: Battle of the Green Gemstones

Green gemstones are perfect not just for those who love the color, but also for anyone who wants a stone representing new life, and success.  With a lot of different benefits, you may wonder what to choose. 

Two of the most common are tsavorites and emeralds. They do share some similarities and are considered to be fitting for one’s green gem needs. 

They are both incredibly green, and they are both the same in the hardness scale, at around a 7.5.  With that said, you might wonder what’s the better stone then. Well, let’s look, and see what sets both of these guys apart. 

The characteristics 

Emeralds offer that unique “emerald green” color to them, with a lowered structure of facets that highlight many striking features. They do have the mass appeal of being romantic and distinguished and are why a lot of collectors love these. 

Here are some cool facts about emeralds: 

  • They are a variety of mineral beryl. 
  • Each of them have a rich and distinct green color that’s as dark as a bluish green to as light as a lime, or even a yellow-green. 
  • They are sold in the “emerald cut” because the table that’s large and flat does showcase the hues best.  The “step cut” faceting offers as sparkle that’s different from the regular brilliant cut. 
  • Their hardness scale is right in the middle, so they don’t scratch as easily as other gems.  However, they do have some inclusions to them. the number of inclusions determines whether they will break. 
  • They’re often treated with oils and even resins, in order to fill up the fractures that are there, and also reduce the chances of the stone breaking. 

Emeralds are known for the name and pedigree. However, due to their nature, they tend to be more delicate, as they can easily break and shatter, if you’re not careful. 

What about tsavorite though? Well, they’re a brighter green than the regular emeralds, and they are best for faceted brilliance. This stone is great for green gemstones that are durable and sparkling as well. 

Some facts about tsavorite include the following: 

  • They are a garnet variety that comes in a radiant, brilliant green. 
  • They reflect a brilliant light more than the emeralds do due to the structure of faceting. 
  • They’re sold in a cut that offers different facets for catching the various light.  The oval and cushion cuts are the most common for these, however. 
  • They’re free of inclusions and any sort of fractures. 
  • They’re far more resistant to shattering and breaking when compared to emeralds. 
  • Due to the lack of inclusions, they don’t need resins and oils to treat them. 
  • They’re more affordable than emeralds are. 

While tsavorites might seem like the right choice, you may wonder about the price.  They’re actually 200 times rarer than emeralds are. But what’s weird is that they go for about a fraction of the current costs. 

They also tend to offer a more brilliant sparkle when compared to the emerald.  

The Differences 

When you look at these, you might wonder what the main differences are. 

Well, let’s look at symbolism.  Emeralds have the symbolization of good fortune, rebirth, balance, youth, growth, and peace.  Tsavorite is known to be a representation of positivity, strength, and vitality too. 

Both of these are durable, you do have to keep in mind as well that, if you choose to go emerald, you do need to take a little bit of extra care when you wear them, as they could break down if you’re not careful. 

Then of course there are treatments. If you want something without a treatment, then you’ll want to go to tsavorites.  Emeralds however, require treatments to improve the color and reduce the inclusions and flaws that are there. they also may get oil procedures to handle fractures internally. 

Finally, let’s look for clarity.  Remember, emeralds will have inclusions, even the highest quality ones.  They usually have some sort of flaws, and that’s what they are known for. 

Tsavorites however, are considered type 2 gems, so they’re known for the inclusions.  However, unless they’re eyes are visible, it may not bring the price down. 

Choosing the Right Gem 

At this point, you might wonder what’s the better gem then? 

Obviously, both are good.  Breakage is a big problem for emeralds that are in rings, but it’s something that’s a distinctive, prized color that cannot be matched. If color and significance is the game for you, then you’ll want to consider getting an emerald. 

However, tsavorites on the flip side emit a life and brilliance that’s not normally seen within emeralds and are far more affordable in price compared to an emerald. So if you’re looking not to break the bank, you may want to consider the tsavorite.

But, if you are getting an engagement ring, or a ring that has some major significance to it, then you’ll want to consider the emerald. They’re brilliant, pretty, and definitely worth looking at. In fact, they offer that unique feel to them that really can’t be beaten.  They are both wonderful stones, and if you’re looking for a green stone that’s a striking, almost centerpiece-like sort of feel to it, then you might want to consider either of these two.  They are good for wearing by themselves or wearing with diamonds as well. 

They are great too, and you can even make them unique to the needs that you have, especially when wearing them along the band of the ring. 

Both are amazing for an engagement ring’s design, and they offer both classic, and very unique responses to this. So really, neither of them are considered to be bad choices for your emerald needs. Both of them, in fact, are quite beautiful, and worth looking into. 

But ultimately, it’s your choice, your call. If you want to spend the money, then an emerald might be for you. 

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