What to Know Before Buying Natural Emeralds

What to Know Before Buying Natural Emeralds

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we don’t discount the rarer and much more colorful gemstone, the emerald! 

Due to the vibrant, beautiful colors, this one is oftentimes associated with rebirth, romance, and also hope.  They’re awe-inducing and inspiring.

But it’s hard to find these in a lot of cases. Due to the color having a lot of duplications, it can be hard to find a real emerald, rather than a dupe.  Here, we’ll tell you about the best things to know before you buy an emerald. 

What are Natural Emeralds 

They’re derivatives of beryllium and are considered the rarest gemstone out there. they’re delicate and soft, so they’re hard to make into jewelry. But those high-quality stones usually are treated with high-level care when found. 

Now, compared to diamonds, emeralds are actually very fragile! They have fractures inside them. But, that’s also why some people want them, since they create a beautiful, eye-pleasing pattern. They’re desired due to their uniqueness and rarity. It’s also very difficult to find emeralds naturally, but once you get a taste, you’ll want more. 

Real or Fake 

One thing that emeralds have, are dupes, created in labs. When you’re looking for those authentic matches, it can be hard to find those that are real out of the fake ones. Here, we’ll tell you how to find them. 

First, lab created ones are almost too perfect, as they’re created in labs, without a single inclusion. They create fractures internally, irregular types of patterns, and flaws too. Gemstones created in labs aren’t going to have flaws, and usually, they’re not as authentic in color.  They’re considered emeralds, but due to the tempering of this, they’re not authentic emeralds.  Always question before you purchase.

Natural ones are ones you’ll know when you see these, due to the enticement that they bring, and the beauty of such.

Natural emeralds first and foremost will be much more expensive, to the point where a person can determine the difference sometimes from price alone. 

Your eyes will also be able to determine the difference, unlike diamonds and others, since the color and the cut are the primary focal points.

You want to make sure as well to put it up to a light. If this sparkles, it’s not real. Emeralds have no sparkling capabilities due to the fractures and inclusions. 

Things to know before buying emeralds 

You first want to make sure that you’ve got the right color.  If you’ve got doubts, you want to look at the gem. If it’s orange, blue, or yellowish, that’s a red flag.  There are usually different greenish hues, since this can be very different. Also, be mindful of it being too light green, because that might be green beryl. 

Clarity is another one.  If you notice that there is a lot of clarity to it, it will be expensive. While perfection is not ideal, lots of customers want crystallized minerals or those with inclusions. If needed, be mindful of it.

Be mindful of the cuts too. If there are too many characteristics internally, it’ll impact the cut.  You should preserve as many inclusions as you can for the highest value.


Finally, you want to look at the carat weight, since emeralds do differ in price. Remember, the more carats, the higher the price. Most carats are between 1 and 5 for more natural emeralds.  The other three factors play a price. 

You should always make sure that you buy emeralds from those that are trustworthy and also high in quality for the best results for your stone.

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