How to Choose the Ideal Emerald

How to Choose the Ideal Emerald

If you’re considering an emerald as an engagement ring, you’re not alone. And for a good reason. They’re luscious, and also have a brilliant green hue.  They’re definitely a symbol of love and are special and unique. 

Now that you know that you want one, let’s look at some of the specifics, such as the appeal, and also your budget, and whether it’ll be a lab stone, or a natural stone, and also the shape and size for this.

You may wonder what to get, and that’s totally fine. In this, we’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each, and how each of these play a major role in the future decisions that you make when you’re choosing this type of stone. 

Lab or Natural 

This is your first question, and it’s usually the first one that you look at.

Overall, the answer to this ultimately depends on the way you want to balance out the durability, and the visuals that are there.

Lab emeralds are good for those that are on a budget, and they still have a beautiful quality to them and durability.

They are similar in nature when we’re looking at this chemically, but there are a few differences to consider, especially when choosing the right options for you to get for your partner. 

  • Most natural emeralds will have internal fractures, but the lab emeralds don’t.  This means that they look very pretty, and they have different green threads. However, nature also means that there is a chance that it may break with time, so keep that in mind.
  • Lab emeralds have a similar quality to them, and they offer a bluish green color that’s considered to be on par with the top color stones, and usually are more durable due to the no presence of Jardin. 
  • Natural emeralds tend to also be far more expensive than those in a lab, and they might not fit the budget of others, but some prefer the more unique looking natural stones. 
  • Lab emeralds tend to be the best of both worlds, but if you do enough searching, you’ll be able to find the right emerald that’s natural, and also offers the Jardin benefits too. 

Balance the Quality and Value 

You want something with a green color that’s cool and also has a very strong level of saturation.

That lushness of green is why people pay so much for these, and some also may want to get them.

However, keep in mind that traditional emeralds are more expensive, especially compared to their natural counterparts, and some may want more of a happy medium when they’re looking for the ideal stone.

The best way to find the right one is to talk to someone who knows about these, since they can offer you the best option that’ll make her light up. 

Some also notice as well that some people may choose ones that are considered “inferior” in quality because of the color.

Those that have a greenish hue with some blue undertones and a stronger saturation along with a more concentrated color display should be sought after.  However, because of this, a lot of the top color options tend to be rarer, a lot pricier, and usually are harder to find. 

There are so many different variations, and some people may choose a lighter stone with a more medium color, as this is pretty, and also works with the budget. 

Some also may want something that’s a little different in color.

Ultimately, you want to trust what you see, and also, look for the color you love. 

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